"We don't talk trash, we haul it."

Roll-Off Guidelines

There are a few mandatory guidlelines you should know about when renting and using our Roll-Off dumpsters. Below is an extensive list of how to get the most out of your roll-off dumpster rental. And as always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

The Roll-offs:
We offer 13 yard Roll-Off dumpsters, which hold roughly 7-8 truck loads of debris. This is the perfect size and most commonly used for any residential or commercial cleanout.

Roll-off pricing:
A 13 yard roll-off dumpster is $325 for a 7 day rental. An additional $20 per day will be added beyond the 7 day rental. We appreciate your business and want you to know that at Rondinelli Roll-Offs you will never be charged a delivery fee to have a dumpster brought to your home or business.

Main Guidelines:
Please, do not fill dumpster above maximum load level. Do not block dumpster on the scheduled pick up day. An additional $50 will be assessed to any re-scheduled pick up due to the dumpster being blocked.
Items that will not be accepted in the dumpsters are;

  • Dirt
  • Animal Remains
  • Batteries
  • Explosives
  • Hazardous waste
  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Oil

  • Construction Debri:
    Construction debri: Anything removed from a house that was nailed,glued,or permanently attached such as drywall,boards,paneling,carpet,plaster Services: At Rondinelli Roll-Offs We strive to offer a superior level of customer Service. In order to achieve this,we offer the newest and cleanest selection of dumpsters Having a dumpster on a job site doesn't need to be an eyesore For your neighborhood Our dumpsters are sure to brighten up any job site. My goal as the owner of Rondinelli Roll-offs is to supply you With the best service in the area and to have your repeat business I take pride in being a local provider Hours of operation Mon-Sun 7:00-7:00 Prompt Delivery Competitive pricing Hassle free process: Rental from us is simple and worry free.

    Additional Days:
    Additional Days We can extend the seven day rentals for an additional $20.00 a day, but we must have at least 48 hour notice. Rentals can not be extended on their scheduled day of pick up. We schedule our rentals back to back, so if you decide you need yours longer at the last second then someone else may not get theirs delivered! Leaving a message about extending pick up does not guarantee your extension. Please make sure you talk with us. Additional days must be paid for with a credit card, no exceptions. .

    Damage to Dumpsters:
    At Rondinelli rolloffs we take pride in having the nicest and cleanest dumpsters for our customers and we work very hard to keep them that way. There is no burning trash of any kind in our dumpsters.
    We do not allow any machine loading of our dumpsters such as forklifts, tractors, bobcats etc. this will cause dents and major damage.
    Do not spray paint anything on the dumpsters or pull off any of our marked stickers.
    Not obeying any of these rules will result in charges for intentional damage to our dumpsters.

    Quick Tips:
    Do not fill dumpster above maximum load level
    Do not block dumpster on scheduled pick up day
    An additional $50 will be assessed to any re-scheduled pick up due to the dumpster being blocked

    Mixed Loads:
    Trash and construction debris have to be dumped at different locations therefore they cannot be mixed if you are renting the dumpster for a construction project roof repair bathroom remodel etc. household trash cannot be placed in that dumpster which means no kitchen garbage food wrappers clothes toys etc. we have the right to reject any mixed loads